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This durable and economical range with proven technology offers you trusted reliability and clean
efficient power. You can also benefit from exceptional power-to-weight ratio, improved fuel efficiency and ease of service.

TU Luft Certified.

  • Electronic governing for excellent load response and fuel consumption
  • Excellent service access for ease of maintenance
  • Component commonality throughout the range
  • Versatile packaging options; optimised cooling groups offered in either tropical or temperate environments
  • Class-leading warranty
  • Prime applications: one year unlimited hours running or for engines which operate less than 6,000 hours in the first year. two year or 6,000 hours which ever expires first
  • Standby applications: up to three years or 1,500 hours maximum for engines which operate less than 500 hours in the first year
  • 4006D-23 – All engines below 800 kVA meet the CPCB II emissions norms requirements
  • Competitive fuel consumption for both standby and prime applications
  • Capability to run at high altitude and up to 50°Cambient temperature